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"Without Damondís highly valued and superbly competent contributions, our work on two major projects — Secrets of the Universe and Exploring Space — would have been far more difficult. — Alan Lothian, Senior Editor, MP3, England

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Welcome to my strand
of the World Wide Web!

I’ve been writing for magazines, radio programs, and other media for quite a while now. I invite you to browse through my site and see what I can offer for your production or publication.

I’ve produced about 15,000 short-format radio programs, plus a few other aural goodies.

I’ve published magazine articles ranging from short news items to lengthy features, edited a bi-monthly magazine, written and managed web projects, and scripted and produced videos.

Most of my work is in the areas of science and technology, but I have written about everything from sleep disorders to chicken-fried steak to submarine adventures under the Arctic ice.

I live and work in Austin, Texas, but I work with clients around the country (and even the world), so don’t let geography scare you off.