Magazine Articles

Even in the digital age, there’s just something about flipping through a real magazine that’s hard to beat. I have written for about 30 magazines over the years, from science to travel to business to history. Here are some examples.

Air & Space/Smithsonian

SETI Gets an Upgrade
If we broaden our search, will we hear aliens? $100 million says yes.

'Hi! I'm from Earth!'
When sending spacecraft, it's customary to include a note.

Interstellar Flight: A Progress Report
When it comes to star travel, some people won’t take no for an answer

Pint-Size Sky Watchers
While monster telescopes get the attention, the little guys quietly — and cheaply — rack up cosmic finds.

The Second-Moon Theory
Is Earth's moon the product of a big splat as well as a big whack?

Now You See It, Now You Don't
Blinding us with science: the next generation of stealth.

How Things Work: Missile Killer

How Things Work: Chandra X-Ray Observatory

How Things Work: Afterburners
Jets get no kick from champagne, but a little fuel in the tailpipe…

Shuttle Tiles
Why the space shuttle can withstand reentry temperatures up to 2,300 degrees

Smithsonian Magazine

It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's a...Flying Pancake?

Texas Highways

I Fell In Love With a Mexican Plate: ...Out in the West Texas town of El Paso

Weekender: West Texas Eclipse: Head to West Texas to See the Annular Eclipse

Cosmic Encounters at the Monnig Meteorite Gallery

Tried and True -- Chicken Fried
A look at a Texas culinary legend, from its history to the best examples at cafes around the state



Making Stars

Planetary Reboot

40 years after the first astronauts walked on the Moon, Apollo's last experiment is still probing the Moon, Earth, and much more

Grand Old Telescopes

Living on Martian Time

Stirring Up a Supernova

I’m also the executive editor of StarDate, a bimonthly astronomy publication, with responsibilities for content, design, and production. I even dabble in marketing.

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